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Online application audio joiner

This service allows you to create your own compositions absolutely free of charge by combining several other tracks. The application works with almost any known format and supports crossfade.

Unite tracks online

You do not need to install the program on a PC. Applications for gluing tracks into one file are launched directly from the browser.

Set intervals

Online Audio Joiner allows you to accurately set the intervals of sound with standard sliders. After opening several selected files of any format with the "Add tracks" button, the interval of interest you are interested in is tuned. You will only glue the selected fragments.

Crossfade application

The user is interested in the fact that the fragments of tracks glued to them smoothly dock with each other. The transition must be imperceptible to the listener. For this, the crossfade function is used. With its help, at the moment of docking, you can smoothly lower the volume of the first fragment, and the volume of the next one will simultaneously increase. There will be a kind of seamless and delicate connection.

The number of tracks is unlimited

The service has no restrictions on the number of tracks with which you simultaneously work. You can immediately run as many files as you need.

Intuitive conceptual interface

The service is configured to solve a single specific task. The interface is precisely designed for its solution and is available to anyone, even not too advanced, the user. No special knowledge is required.

Wide choice of formats

The proposed program effectively works with almost all formats of audio and video files. For convenience of the user and increase of efficiency after loading there is an automatic conversion of a file into format MP3.

Personal data under protection

In the process of work, the service gives access to files only to a specific user. After the completion of all operations with the tracks, they, like other data, are automatically deleted from the Online Audio Joiner server.

No payment required

The use of this program is completely free for all users. For them, there are no restrictions on using all the features of the service or hidden payments.